Thursday, September 01, 2005

New Orleans looks a lot like an experiment in Social Darwinism, where the baddest, meanest, toughest, most heavily armed muthafuckas can get what they need by any means necessary, and most are left to go hungry, to wait, perhaps to die. Meanwhile the Social Darwinists in charge are blaming the victims of this catastrophe, or making lame excuses, or saying this is unprecedented and there's no way things could have been handled differently or better. I include the Libertarian neo-cunts on Fox News who think this is a good time for sneering contempt toward victims of this deluge.

Hmmmm. The President kept his usual schedule of PR events on Mon/Tues and then finally flew to DC on Wednesday. Couldn't he have, uh, done some ass-kicking to get the relief services in gear instead?

Where are the corporations? Wal-Mart gave chump change to the Salvation Army. Where are the pledges by Citibank and MBNA and Chase to match donations made via credit cards? Is there NO civic-minded impulse left in this country? Let's MOVE.

The racism and classism in the media and amongst the power elites are ridiculous, deeply troubling, and disgusting. I just watched the General in charge of the military response to Katrina--at a press conference with FEMA director Brown--answering an obviously racist question about fears those evacuated from NO will "disrupt" other communities and how the military planned to deal with them--refer to these worn-out desperate people while laughing sarcastically as "our fellow Americans."

Stop focusing on looting. In the situation those people face down there, we'd all do the same thing. There are worse crimes occuring.

Where are the Democrats? Challenge the indifference, the incompetence, the blase disregard of the fat-cats running this show. It seems to me that someone has muzzled Howard Dean and few are speaking up. At least some in the media are expressing concern at the ineptitude.

This is a terrible, awful, unprecedented situation. A significant chunk of the Gulf Coast is now a third-world country. After Y2K and 9/11 and all the talk of Homeland Security preparedness, shouldn't the response be going more smoothly? There are people with dying children in New Orleans, and no way to get them help, and no place to go, and no leadership to approach.

We're fucked economically too.

Failure to adequately prepare or respond to Katrina is Reason #...what? 4,5, or 6?...that Bush should be impeached.