Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I dreamed that I opened the bathroom door at home and there was some sort of half-cylindrical wire structure hanging from the plaster of the ceiling and spiders were spilling out of the attic onto this device; rather quickly it turned into a seething hairy mass of arachnids. I yelled for my wife and asked her why she'd put that thing up there, but can't remember her reasoning. As we watched, horrified, an enormous spider the size of my head crawled down over the ball of spiders--it had red eyes, blue legs, and was almost a crab. The bathroom was not our bathroom, but the bathroom in my paternal grandparents' house from when I was a small child.

Then I woke up, but not really, and in that strange semi-conscious waking state I was watching The Six Million Dollar Man fight Bionic Bigfoot:

Yes, TV sucked when I was a kid.