Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I've had some epic dreams of late--most too scandalous to share! Here's one from this morning:

The brick studio addition behind my parents' old farmhouse (long sold) is a music/video store. We're holding some sort of swank event there and two well-dressed matrons are complaining to me because we've sold out of the Saving Private Ryan DVD. The caterers announce that dinner is served, and dozens of people begin lining up for eggplant parmesan, chicken and noodles, potatoes, etc. For some reason I'm unable to serve myself--everything I try to put on my plate either falls off as the plate breaks, or my fork breaks. When I'm finally able to get portions onto a fork, my plate becomes too small to hold them. I'm laughing at my own haplessness when a chamber orchestra begins playing baroque stuff, first Vivaldi, then Bach. Strangely, the musicians have mixed in extended Prog Rock masterpieces--suddenly Brandenberg Concerto #4 becomes Rush's Xanadu for a few minutes before switching back, and a Vivaldi suite for mandolin becomes Close to the Edge by Yes. At first I think, "God, I hate this shit," but actually the note-for-note reproductions of guitar/synth/bass lines by these classical musicians is really excellent, as is the seamless blend of extended rock bits into the classical canon (the long instrumental section of Rush merges magically into a harpsichord solo, for instance). One particularly attractive young woman works over an Alex Lifeson guitar solo on the viola.

Having failed to eat or to quiet the two dowagers angry about Spielburg, I retreat upstairs to find my mother in bed. She's baked cookies there somehow and I'm pleased even though I don't eat cookies; I want to take them to the Liberry with me to share.

Then, I wake up.

It's strange, but typically insomniac moi has been sleeping ten hours plus the last four days. I'll wake up at 8am, then roll over, dream heavily for an hour, wake again, roll over again, sleep until 11, and then finally force myself to get up. I'm sure this morning I could've slept again; I had much more dreaming to do!