Sunday, March 08, 2009


This little gem blew me away, and I might watch it again tomorrow. It's been a decade since I've seen a film I wanted to see again immediately.

Imagine Philip K. Dick and Terrence McKenna watching My Dinner With Andre and then writing their own sequel. The result is somewhere between The Matrix and Before Sunrise. Waking Life in fact contains a brief sequel to Before Sunrise and Before Sunset which alone makes it worth watching. It got me firing on all synapses, which is dangerous. I felt like Walter Benjamin on a hashish bender. I'ma gonna write my Arcades Project this afternoon. Or drink wine instead, and go see Hollowboy tonight.

I adored everything about this film, and plan to order it from Amazon ASAP. I'm going to do so via Steven Hart's site because he turned me onto it.


Steven Hart said...

Happy to help. I owe you one for the John Williams novels anyway.

ellen cherry said...

i saw this in the theater, years ago and even only seeing it once, i feel i remember so many details and i'm sure i've forgotten so many more. once you get it, i want to borrow. i'll drink some tea and enjoy it as if it's new!! SO good. now go watch some Electroma. the ferrari is awesome.

Designerd said...

I saw this years ago too, and loved it!

Nyarlathotep said...

Amazon is selling the DVD for $6