Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 64

At the Book last year, the school descended further and further into chaos after the Maryland State Assessments were over. There are signs that things won't be much different at the March. As soon as the two morning sessions of the Reading assessments were done, the kids went totally haywire. Hall monitors, administrators, and educators could only go with the flow as best we could. Even the cops were at a loss. Stampedes in the hallway, fights in classrooms spilling out into the corridors, students playing their latest game, stabbing each other with safety pins, nail fails, and pencils (the call it "stingin'," and say "Yo, I'ma gonna sting you..."). I keep warning them about MRSA, but they don't care. I'm about to show them some horrifying and disgusting pictures if they keep it up.

We'll see how it goes today--I'm hoping a lot of kids just decide to stay home and take a long weekend: I'm tempted to do so. It's supposed to be nice today, after all.

Next week we have two days of Math Assessments, and then the following week we'll have the Science Assessments. The week after that is Spring Break, which I need badly. Cha and I are flying to New Mexico for seven days of Southwest adventure.

June is suddenly not so far off after all.

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