Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Day 57

I'm not one to abuse administrators by sending troublesome kids out my room every day. I like to handle my business (or not) on my own. Only in extreme cases will I put students out of my class with an office referral, because if kids know I rely on the Big Guns to bail me out, they will never respect my authority.

But there are lines which can't be crossed. Today in my sixth grade class Tomcat dumped water on another student: Verbal Warning. Then she threw a book and accosted another student and went on my Phone Call list. This set her off: "Why you teachers always be snitchin'? You always tryin' to get us in trouble, well I'm going to get 45 days for what I'm about to do to you if you don't get out my face."

I explained to Tomcat that her behavior was unacceptable, and that she was not the only student on my Phone Call list, and that she had been on my Phone Call list before but had earned her way off that consequence by doing right the rest of class. She mouthed off again, and I pulled out my phone and started dialing her number. This was pure bluff, because the number I have for her is, like many numbers of City school students, currently disconnected. But when I started dialing she ran over and put on her pouty face and whiny voice: "Oh Mr. G, don't call, please, please, they will take my phone away and I won't be allowed to go outside." Then she said "Fuck you!" and stormed off.

That is one of the lines. I wrote her an office referral for inciting a disturbance, physical threats to staff and students, and insubordination. She got suspended for five days, but didn't learn her lesson, because in the hall she told me "You got me five days--Me and my crew see you on the street you'll see what's up!"

Ah, getting cussed out and threatened with violence by 11 year old girls. This is why I signed up to do what I do.

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