Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 67

Ugh, the kids are NUTS. They broke my door off its top two hinges, the tore down my Notorious BIG poster, they ran amuck in the halls! They sit quietly through the MSA test for two hours and then they go BONKERS all day.

One of my sixth grade girls showed me a picture on a cell phone of an obviously adult erect penis. I was like "Oh, no," but didn't say anything except "PUT THAT AWAY!" because I'm sure she was showing it to her classmates all day.

"It ain't my phone, it's ******'s," she said. And then she said "That's her daddy!"

I honestly think the child thought that made it OK somehow.

So I had to run downstairs after school and file a report about 11-year old girls with pornographic (or possibly worse) material on a cell phone. Best case scenario? The pictures were downloaded off the internet. I shan't speculate on the worst case.

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