Thursday, March 05, 2009

Day 58

One week and one day until the No Child's Behind Left Untested Tests. The administrators are lunatic with unreasonable demands and expectations put upon them from above; I shrug off their repeated and ever-more-shrill and contradictory demands and just do what I was going to do all along anyhow.

The kids are like "Fuck this shit. It's 97 degrees in this room, and the Principal won't let me have any water. I'ma act a donkey all day." Which they do. Meanwhile, those few who are interested in high school and college some day huddle around my LCD projector and ask me questions.

I learned a new East-Side colloquialism today. A punk ass name of Dream Coat got his dollar stolen from him by Tomcat (she didn't get 5 days after all--typical). Tomcat refused to give him his dollar back and he kept whining about it and disrupting class until I said "Damn, Dream Coat, I will give you a dollar just to shut your pie hole." I took a dollar out my pocket, reached it over to him, and when he reached out to take it I said "psych!" and put it back in my wallet. Kids were falling out their chairs howling.

"Dream Coat, you let Tomcat steal your G-stack it's on you," I said, and proceeded to teach my lesson. An 8th grader, bounced from his class to mine for poor behavior, said "Dag, Mr. G slugged him."

New terminology: to slug (v): to fool someone with false reward or recognition, to punk, to tease

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