Sunday, March 15, 2009

Halfway There

Last night we had our show at Ireland's Four Fields in DC. I was a bit apprehensive playing in a new town and in a venerable institution on St. Patty's Day weekend.

These fears were not allayed when we arrived to see dozens of guys in green suits with green pinwheels and green hats and a packed house.

We set up on the tiny stage and we KILLED them. People were dancing, singing along, fist-pumping, screaming--it was awesome. They loved the Irish stuff, the rock covers, the originals, and even the song we played that we'd never played before. In particular, they loved the cello, and they kept chanting "cello! cello! cello!"

So it was a smash, and it was much more fun to play there than at Mick's where they always want us to turn down.

Tonight we're at Lucy's, across from the Hippodrome. At the Hippodrome tonight is the last Riverdance show--look out!

Thanks to Cha for making and selling T-shirts last night! Thanks to Raj and Rob for coming down from B'more and bringing friends to support us. Thanks to Jeremy for flying in from Iowa to see all four shows this weekend (and for being a roadie). Rock!

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