Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 62

So the standardized testing under No Child's Behind Left Untested starts next week, and lasts through the following couple of weeks. It's stressful, exhausting, and many kids capable of passing will crack under the strain. But once it's done we can relax a bit, and I can teach my kids more of what I think they need to know instead of what academics and politicians somewhere think kids need to know.

I ordered $800 in stuff for my room: dictionaries, thesauri, a CD listening station with 6 headphone sets, some art supplies, etc. The Big Cheese gave my order back to me and said I didn't spend enough money. Woah, Nellie. She's working hard to ensure I stay at the March next year. I'm going to re-submit with more bling. I want a disco ball, a laser pointer, and a wireless Jeopardy game with score keepers and screen and automatic timers. And a Taser.

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