Monday, March 16, 2009


Lucy's is a much nicer place to play than Mick's. The food is about a thousand times better, the atmosphere is about a thousand times better, and they actually pull a quality Guinness. It's the best pint I've had, in fact, since I was in Ireland almost a decade ago.

We played there last night for the first time, and even with Riverdance at the Hippodrome across the street, there were never more than a couple dozen people in the bar, but we got a pretty warm response during set 1. For much of set 2 there were only a very enthusiastic drunk guy and some wait staff in attendance--and Matt and Jeremy, who pulled roadie and paparazzi duties. But we got paid and we got free food and drinks; and when I say free food I'm talking lamb t-bone and cheese plate--quality stuff, not the Alpo that other dive serves. We're booked for a Friday and a Saturday show this spring at Lucy's, and hopefully we can get a crowd in there. The space has a richer, warmer sound.

Three gigs down on the weekend from hell--one more to go! Back to Mick's on St. Patty's Day after getting spoiled for a couple days elsewhere. But we're getting a fat chunk of change for Tuesday night duties. Pray for us.


Anonymous said...

I can't BELIEVE I still have not been able to see you guys play!!!!

these shows sound like a BLAST though, and a GREAT way to blow off some steam!

:) jv

Silenus said...

Dougherty's has the best locals I think. The food sucks though.