Friday, March 06, 2009


Kind of refreshing to see Jack Nicholson before he became "Jack Nicholson." But what a strange film! A concert pianist from an eccentric family of musicians runs off to man oil rigs and knocks up a dimwitted bit of trailer trash with big hair and loud clothes. He is too restless and discontented to settle down and quits his job and goes home to visit his ailing father. Along the way he has a laughably bad sex scene with Sally Struthers and then he boinks his sister-in-law.

I'm being snarky but there are good things about Five Easy Pieces. Mostly they involve Karen Black's legs and bosoms. I have a strange thing for Karen Black, and I'm not sure why? I think it's because a childhood babysitter used to cross her eyes and chase me around; when she caught me she would tickle me senseless. Perhaps I've fetishized girls with weird cockeyed looks ever since? Whatever. Mmmm, Karen Black.


Steven Hart said...

Maybe you can add some of this group's songs to the Seamus playlist.

Nyarlathotep said...

I think we could pull off "Rabid Bikini Models" on fiddle, guitar, and cello. And I can crack eggs on myself.