Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 68

I endured a terrible week of unruly kids playing dice in my room ("Yo Mr. G, I just won six slugs off Tae!"), fights, sarcasm, and "packing," "riding," "plucking," "stinging," etc. and plan to use this weekend to recoup.

Ellen Cherry kicked off our Friday by kindly sharing the loot she got for playing Center Stage's happy hour tonight-free ticks! I would suggest you repay her by pledging to support WTMD via her band page.

I enjoyed "Tis a Pity She's A Whore," but thought the lead actress was out of her depth. The rest of the cast were good to rather good, and I liked the direction and staging. The play is of course ridiculous what with its incest revenge plot, but gouts of blood are always cool. It's strange that it's been a decade since I vowed to stay away from Center Stage for ten years following a couple straight seasons of crap--we used to get season tickets annually until I got fed up and decided if I wanted to be bored to tears for two hours on Sunday I could resume going to church, and for free. But tonight's show was entertaining.

Cha and I hit the Single Carrot Theater party after, where we put stuff in a time capsule, wrote on the floor, and then danced with an insanely enthusiastic group of hot Chinese law students. Then we looked at some art and went back to the dance floor and some blond chick asked me to dance and then immediately turned her ass into my crotch and tried to grind me. Sorry, no!

My life is strange.


Silenus said...

look on the bright side - at least no swirls this week. has stinging replaced swirling as a favored mode of attack?

yo next i'm in baltimore take me to some party where a blond chick is gonna grind my crotch (unless she be an Ugmo Mr. G!).

I was wondering, are stinging, plucking, packing kids more tolerable than assburger?

Nyarlathotep said...

I don't often end up at parties where blond women grind into crotches. My wife took me to this one--perhaps she can hook you up? Even tho this blond was no Ugmo, I much preferred dancind with the Chinese law students.

Stinging has indeed replaced swirls-curiously effective, the kid who croaked from it. Apparently the kids are unaware that people also die from stabbings and slashings.

I'd take school year-round before having to sit through Assburger again.

Silenus said...

Wait, did the hospitalized kid wind up dieing from his swirl complications?

Re: Stinging
Aren't the kids afraid of the Hep?

fernie said...

You're grandparents are spinning in their graves with your comment about church.

Anonymous said...

you always liked it when I grinded my arse into your crotch, even 27 years ago! that is a true grinding indeed beyatch!