Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Day 26

Mysterious calm today as the 8th graders took a test which will determine whether or not they can get into one of B'more's exceptional academic high schools. If they fail to make the grade they can slip in on a lottery appointment with some luck, or they end up at their zone school, the dreaded Doug.

Some punk ass mofo wrote on my laptop with a marker--shit washed right off, but man I was not pleased. Somebody else got into my desk drawer and stole my nice GEL pens. I'mma jack them up tomorrow, because I know somebody is going to pull one out and use it in my class and I will dangle them out the window until I get a confession or find out their supplier's name.

Some of my Donor's Choose books arrived. The kids are ga-ga for Harry Potter and Captain Underpants. Sometime next week we'll be writing thank-you notes and taking pics.


alicia said...

I'm glad you have some quiet days. I'm sorry the kids are stealing your stuff, they should know better then to mess with you.

Now, that we've finished watching the Wire, we see the cast in all kinds of new movies/shows. Marlo is a super strong villan in NBCs Heroes, Omar was in a few movies (Gone, Baby Gone is one--as police), and of course the head of the union on the docks is on the new HBO series True Blood, along with the weasly spineless guy from Deadwood...they play police/ sheiff...which is very funny. And Snoop was on VH1 commenting on 100 best Hiphop songs. Very entertaining, and I love seeing them all, it's like seeing old friends. I hope they get the success they deserve, even if they didn't get it while working on the Wire.

Nyarlathotep said...

I wonder if anyone will really take off--McNulty has a shot, and has been in some big (crappy) flicks like the Hannibal prequel and 300. He was also a finalist to be the new Bond. It was funny to see him in Hampden walking around a couple years ago.