Monday, October 20, 2008

Day Whatever

Eh. Went to school, phoned it in all day, couldn't gin up much enthusiasm for discipline or teaching.

After school, job fair. Talked to several principals who took my resume. Had two on-the-spot interviews and promised call-backs for other interviews. Again, couldn't gin up much enthusiasm.

No offer tonight. Looks like I'm in limbo. Without a placement tonight I'm cast into the black hole of "whatever is still available." There are some scary fucking placements available, including the East Side middle school whose principal couldn't spell the word "light" when she tried to write me directions to her building. "My aif graders is problems," she told me. "We got openings in aif grade and all the other grades. The other grades is also big problems too."

Ugh. So I report back to the Book until I get a letter sending me who the hell knows where--could be middle or high school. One thing is certain: it will be someplace nobody wants, and coming in cold second quarter into hostile and unruly classes is no cup of tea, I'm sure. It's hard enough controlling things starting from Day 1.

The best middle school in the City had an opening and I was second-in-line at their kiosk, but she hired the first dude in line right off the bat. Snap!


fernie said...

Wherever you end up there's a reason you're there. You'll make a difference.

Designerd said...

i just CAN'T FREAKING BELIEVE this is happening to you!!!!! These morons don't know what they have...

their loss.

Casey said...

Hang in there.

How DID she spell light?