Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day 33

There's nothing worse than a Baltimore City Language Arts professional development. These are some painful sessions, let me tell you, staffed typically by educators who don't know their they're from their there. But after nearly two months with my sixth graders I'm ready for 8 hours of pointless and bone-headed sessions at the professional development center tomorrow. I'll take my laptop and jack into iTunes and catch up on reading while they drone on about the City pacing guide, written 8 years ago and never updated, the exact same one used for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders (I know, because I taught the same shit to my 8th graders last year that I'm teaching my 6th graders this year).

Friday they have more conferences/PDs scheduled, but I'm going to my classroom instead. I need to clean and re-organize and get caught up on paperwork and filing. Not to mention grading and planning. I'm taking a flask full of bourbon and some Clorox in there and going to town.

Four days with no kids! Woo-hoo.


fernie said...

Don't get confused and mix your liquids!

alicia said...

You know bleach is one of the worst things for the environment. I don't want to nag, but you could use vinegar and it does the trick without being toxic to you, your kids or the environment. ta da. :)

alicia said...

Is there is something really tough, mix the vinegar with baking soda or look up other home-made cleaning recipes online.

Designerd said...

just keep it away from baking soda
:) jv

Nyarlathotep said...

The bleach was for drinking, the bourbon for cleaning.