Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Last night a bunch of staff went out to a place called Ropewalk in Federal Hill. They had a good wing/beer special--.30 for the former, 2.50 for the latter--and the wings and beer were of unusually high quality. I ordered the hottest wings on the menu--called "Rush Uncensored"--and lived to regret it. They were damn good, but by the fourth one I was in pain, and by the eighth I was finished. I had to have friends eat the last two (they were each unable to do more than one bite).

The only drawback to Ropewalk is its idolization of Ronald Reagan, whose administration ushered in the lamentableable ideology which culminated with Bush. The stupefication of American politics is hopefully at an end now--but one can never misunderestimate the profundity of voter ignorance. Certainly not after the last 8 years.

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Nick said...

I observed this clip elsewhere and thought of you. Because of the HA on McCain's right, natch.