Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Day 30

I feel like I'm reigning in the volatile bullies in my last class, but it is a chore. I'll get one young man on track and he'll do his work for a week and then I'll start working more closely with another and the first one will say "Why you working with J today. I thought we was tight?" and I'll say "We still tight, but you're doing really well right now and I want to help J start doing what you're doing. Give me a couple minutes and I'll come over here and help you," and then inevitably the first one will tear up his paper, throw his book on the floor and storm out. Rinse, repeat.

It happened again today and I had that class in the palm of my hand for 50 minutes until that point. I thought "Jeez, these guys really act like children sometimes!" And then I thought about the fact they are 11 years old. They ARE children. It's hard to keep that in mind sometimes.

In my second period class I have Miss October's cousin Elvira. She's a total head case too, tearing up papers, throwing books, telling me "I don't care" when I tell her I'm calling her house, then saying "Psych! C'mon Mr. G!" when I pull out my phone, and then when I put it away she's on the floor doing that circular spin made popular by Stooge Curly last century. Argh. What is up with that family? I call their house and it's always a different adult male who can't tell me who he is and who puts the phone down and forgets I'm there.

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