Friday, October 31, 2008

The Last Day

My last day at the Book, where the teachers have the finest booties and the kids are most loony. I'll miss it to death, unless the March over East-side is better.*

My kids were HELLISH today. I bought them cake and snacks and juice and they were nothing but jerks--until I decided to tell them the story of why we sold our last house. I said "If you quiet down and take your seats I'll tell you a real ghost story," and they were the most silent and attentive I'd ever seen. I told them the entire story from start to finish. The kids were enthralled. One gang-bangin' corner boy got up and said "I can't listen to this" when I told them about a disembodied voice whispering in Cha's ear. He said he was going to have nightmares. Then I asked the kids to tell me their own scary stories and I got some good ones.

*What school anywhere else is named after a funeral director? Awesome.

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