Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 35

The fact that I got no job at the job fair is good news to the higher-ups at the Book. They're thinking that the City won't find a placement for me and then I'll get to stay. It's funny how various people who are not administrators but who sit in on the meetings will come to me and say "I'm not allowed to tell you this, but..." and tell me what goes on at the meetings. Apparently I'm considered vital to the school mission, I'm up for a leadership position, I'm all that and a bag of chips.

All that and a bag of chips on the transfer list! City schools CEO Alonso has said his mission is to empower principals to make hiring/firing/transfer/budgeting decisions as the school level. But the Big Cheese filled out a list of transfers from the Book and I wasn't on it--headquarters re-arranged to list to include mostly new blood and said "you have to move these folks."

A lot of folks are agitating on my behalf. Luky has been working behind the scenes, as have other teachers with "ins" at HQ. The Mrs. is on the warpath and she knows everyone in the City and State(and she just got a card from Mayor Dixon the other day--Sheila loves her black "B'more for Obama" shirt!). I'm tempted to write up an Op-Ed, but WTF? I can get fired for that shit. I don't have tenure to protect me yet--at least now I'm guaranteed a job somewhere this year. I play with fire it might cost more than I'd like.

The Book was underfunded for half-a-decade. I can see how running a million in the hole this year is excessive, but I can't see why they shouldn't give the school some extra ching for a while to help get it back on its feet. They are going to torpedo a listing vessel steaming toward a safe harbor for repairs.

I told my last class I was getting transferred today. They went NUTS.* Fighting, stealing, crying, hugging. It was like Jerry Springer.

*Well, even MORE nuts.

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alicia said...

I think everyone who reads this blog should send good vibes your way, whether it be good thoughts, meditations, prayers, or just positive energy. It can't hurt! I told a friend of mine what is happening to you and she said to picture a white light around you to protect you, so that's what I'm going to do. I know it's sounds fruity, but the only thing I can do for you is to send positive vibes your way, so that's what I'm going to do.

BUT if there is something I can do, sign a petition, make some calls, write a letter, just let me know and I'm on it. I sincerely believe in karma, and good things will happen to good people. Sometimes karma just needs a little push.