Thursday, October 02, 2008

Day 27

My predictions about sliding into chaos are alas coming true. Today while Miss R the 8th grade science teacher was going about her business a child burst into her room and started beating one of her students in the head with a milk crate. Cleveland the 6th grade history teacher escorted his class to lunch and returned to find his room trashed, his stuff all over the floor soaked in urine. According to the hallway cameras a cadre of 6th graders was responsible. They were apprehended. One of the lunatics in my last class was expelled for showing his stuff to girls in class. Half of my homeroom was detained after school today for misbehavior in other classes. Ms. E, one of the Filipina imports, was struck by a running student in the hallway. He eyesocket was fractured when she flew into the lockers and smacked into the floor. I put a student's name on my Verbal Warning wall for talking during second period. He said "fuckin' bitch." I wrote his name on my Phone Call Home wall, he said "I don't care," and then he started throwing paper on the floor. I asked him to stop. He continued. I kicked his desk into the wall, grabbed his chair and slid it over to the door where the trash can is, and told him to put his trash in the can before he went in there. He put his trash in the can, picked up the papers on my floor, and did ALL of his classwork today. In first period a student put an airplane in my ceiling. I said "treat day is canceled for the whole class until the culprit admits his mistake." I'd seen who did it, but craved a confession. He didn't speak up. I said "somebody in my class is a coward. Anyone who can't stand up and take responsibility for his own actions is beneath contempt, especially when he makes his whole class suffer the consequences for his foolishness." Another young man raised his hand and said "I did it. I'm sorry." I thanked him, and said "I admire what you are trying to do. I know you didn't do it. You are trying to bail out the whole class by taking one for the team. I appreciate that. I am re-instating treat day for everyone but the culprit. I KNOW who did it. I'm calling his grandmother." I spent my entire lunch period and an hour after school calling parents/grandparents/aunts/guardians.

Again, we had an afternoon announcement from Fearless Leader: "I'm disappointed about what I'm hearing is happening in my school." The fact that you are HEARING rather than SEEING it is a big problem. And yes, unlike Sarah Palin, I know the Supreme Court decisions which tell me I'm not supposed to 'blog or editorialize like this. Oh, well.

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