Thursday, April 24, 2008

Winding Down

This past ten months has been a bear. I have for much of my life been a busy guy, juggling school and full-time work and whatnot, but the MA in Ed and teacher's certification program jammed into one year with half-time teaching duties in B'more City? This has been he busiest, most exhausting period of my entire life. I'm pooped.

But things are winding down. I have my final observation before certification today, and despite terrible insomnia the last two nights I should ace that. I can teach The Giver in my sleep if necessary, and without sleep as well. Next Wednesday I have one more pointless two-hour teaching methods seminar, and then some final reflection paper and lesson plan assignments. Oh, and the Praxis II Pedagogy re-do this Saturday.

And that will be it. I'll be able to focus my energies on teaching and planning for teaching for the rest of the year. Homework and course obligations will vanish into the ether. I do have some interviews coming up next week. High school jobs!

And then I'll have six glorious weeks off to recuperate before next year.


Anonymous said...

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fernie said...

Glad it's winding down for you! You'll ace this next test. High School! Are you nuts? How about kindergarten?