Thursday, April 24, 2008


Heard a track from this on WTMD the other night. INSANE guitar work. Spent a few minutes looking for 2 Bob Crew, Two Bob Crew, Twobob Crew, etc. Finally went to the WTMD playlist for last night and found Toubab Krewe.

I'm often leery of these AfroPop blends, because a lot of crappy music has been forged in that furnace. The kind of music that guy you know who has a mullet but is bald on top listens to. He's got his shirt open to his beer gut, and uses a crystal in lieu of deodorant. He drums on his chest when he hears music. He burns fragrant grasses in his studio apartment.

But this CD is good. Not sure if it's up to the level of Tinariwen, but have only heard it a few times.


Casey said...

A fine band.

Wrote one of their earliest notices:

Nyarlathotep said...

Nice, and accurate. Very appealing stuff, still in the rotation after five days.