Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day 142

So Mr. C, Miss R, and I were heading down the hall to an assembly. There was a 7th grader I'd never seen before who had his hands twisted in a female student's hair, and she was playing a bit but was obviously uncomfortable. I hovered at his shoulder until he released her, and then he tried to grab her again when Mr. C put his hand on the student's chest.

"Put your hands on me white boy? I'll T you, muthafucka. Don't put your hands on me, I knock you out."

Mr. C said "You need to step off."

This kid is about six foot tall, and wiry. I pulled out my phone intending to record everything as Mr. C started knocking on the Assitant Principal's door. We happened to be just outside her office.

The student threatened all three of us, called us "cracker ass muthafucks" and then dodged into a classroom.

If I had my way, there would be no students in the building who had threatened a teacher. They would be gone, and would have their own facility elsewhere. Tolerating this kind of behavior is what's gotten the City Schools to the point where kids feel free to attack teachers and put the video on YouTube.

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