Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day 144

I'm trying to read The Giver aloud to the class and Will and AC are squeezing and pinching and pulling on each other's nipples. I have to intervene twice to stop this, and then it continues anyhow. The girls are also touchy-feely. They grab my biceps, they stroke my stomach and ask teasingly when the baby is due, they're playing with each others' hair. Everybody wants to hug. The guys are hugging Lukie, the girls are hanging off my arms. When I'm lining up the class to dismiss them, Will and AC each grab and twist one of my nipples. I haven't had a titty twister since 8th grade. It still hurts. This, I suppose, is better than the recent YouTube teacher beatings in B'more. I couldn't help but laugh.

We had a schedule change today to accomodate what are called "small learning communities." Once a week we have an extra class in the schedule, based on results of student interest surveys. Lukie is teaching "Running for President." We have five kids who are going to mount mock campaigns, with posters, commercials, speeches and debates. This is going to be a blast. One of the students asked me to be her campaign manager. My own West Wing! The candidate told me she is going to end the Iraq War by not sending no more people over there. She will use the money saved to fix education. She has my vote.

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Anonymous said...

You'll give those kids power and accountability doing those big, hands on projects with them and THEY WILL THRIVE!!!!

Screw stupid dittos and academic requirements, working on a MOCK election is exactly what they need...go get em bro! HIT all the intellegences!