Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Day 1,000,000,000,000

Today began when I almost ran down three of my students who were fleeing on foot full-tilt from Booker T. They blew out in front of me as I was making a right turn on red on my way to work. I "snitched" on them and I think they all got suspended.

Then there were only the usual riots, fights,and kids in the hall. Half of my first class is getting suspended for cutting class today. This will make life a bit easier for the remainder of the week.

My last period started with a young man punching a young woman in her breast. I nearly lost my mind when she crumpled to the floor. I got right up in his face and said "If I ever see you do something like that again.." and he said "You next if you don't watch out" and I said "Do you see me backing off? Go ahead and hit me" and it kind of petered out from there, thankfully, because I was near to losing my job and putting a child in the hospital. Fortunately the young woman was only out of breath and not seriously hurt. For a few seconds I wanted him to hit me, because if he hits me I am legally allowed to defend myself. Can't let anger win, must control emotions, gotta keep a level head.

9 weeks to go, or something like that.


Silenus said...

Free legal advice -

To commit a batter in self defense:

1. There must be apparent necessity.
2. The amount of force used must be reasonable.

Other than that, go at it.

Silenus said...


Nyarlathotep said...

you're already dispesning pro bono advice and you're only in your first year!

john Vondracek said...

fight club them...