Monday, April 07, 2008


I'm watching a travel show about a newly discovered archaeological site in Central America. In a kind of cenote there is a vast compound of structures and monoliths and carvings and to access them one must swim far out into a pool and through a crevice in the rock. On the TV people are snorkeling at the surface and swimming through ruins at the bottom of the cenote. They are able to breathe by using giant tubes which supply air from the surface. I resolve to go to this place immediately, and do so.

When I am there I see a giant carving of the Big Dipper on a rock face. Along the handle of the Dipper is a serpent carving, or some kind of giant dinosaur. I point this out to a local because no one had noticed it before. Then I swim over to where the underwater ruins are, but it is suddenly darkest night and I am afraid to swim down, despite a tour guide's protestations that it is completely safe.

Then I am back in Amsterdam with Julio and Yahtzee. The entire city is bombed out and ruined as if following a major earthquake, but it is still nicer than Baltimore.

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