Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Man, I'm tired. This accelerated Master's program is wearing me down. I'm sick of dashing from the middle school to Notre Dame each day, stopping to get a Snicker's for lunch at Royal Farm or the College bookstore. I've had it with papers and group work. I miss being able to blog and read blogs when I feel like it. I want OUT.

Tonight, at least, is the last meeting of Education Law class. I'm turning in an 8-page paper which isn't up to snuff, but I have a 4.0 through 27 credits and am past caring. So what if I get a couple B's at this point? Who cares? I'm tired. I choose not to revise, polish, or otherwise improve it.

One and a half weeks until Europe. I am so ready. And then by the end of April I'm done all my MA and teacher's certification course work. I'll be able to coast through to June, at which point I'll have six weeks of uninterrupted leisure time. Maybe I'll read War and Peace. Or go to Peru.

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