Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break

Today I'm going to do some lesson planning at the school, but the students are already off for Spring Break. When they return they face intense state-mandated No Child Left Behind tests. This evening some of my fellow grad student/teacher trainees are gathering at The Brewer's Art. Oh, the steam that off shall be blown.

In about 48 hours I'll be in dragging my tired ass off the plane in the Netherlands. Getting there is a bit brutal. On Friday:

  • Yahtzee is meeting me at my house. His pop is driving us to Penn Station, which is five minutes away.
  • we're taking the Amtrak to the New Carrollton station outside of DC.
  • we're taking the orange line Metro from New Carrollton to the Rosslyn station.
  • we're taking the metro bus to Dulles Airport.
  • we're leaving Dulles for Frankfurt just before 9pm.
  • we're flying 8 hours to Frankfurt in order to sit in the airport for two hours before catching a flight to Amsterdam.

All that's missing is a boat and a donkey cart.

The flight to Amsterdam from Frankfurt lasts less than two hours; it is these short flights that give me the most anxiety, however, because when delays happen in my travels it's always some pointless layover/second leg that mucks up the works. I've spent the night at a Frankfurt airport hotel before because of a cancelled flight, and would like to avoid repeating that experience. Especially since Cha will be coming in from Milan via London and she won't know where I am if I'm not at the hotel when she arrives.


ellen cherry said...

everything is going to go fine with your travels. and you will meet up and have a wonderful trip. how do i know this, you ask? because i just know, that's how. (maybe because the CATCHPA thing i had to fill out started with the letters "lsd"??)

can't wait to hear all about it!

Nyarlathotep said...

I know you are correct. I have forseen it. And I had terrible luck getting to Honduras and Mexico, so it's time for a problem-free trip.