Saturday, March 29, 2008

Back Home

church tower, originally uploaded by Blog-Sothoth.

It took about 23 hours to get back home--I had a great time on this trip but doubt I'll do another 1-week European vacation. Too much time spent getting there and back to make 6 days worth it at my advanced age. Of course next year I'll be full salary and able to afford direct flights, which helps.

I took the above picture from the dizzying tiny balcony at the top of Delft's New Church tower (built in the early 14th century). It's wonderfully terrifying up there if you can manage the claustrophobic climb. Every major wind gust sends tremors through the old stone structure.

On the way home Yahtzee and I spent four hours in Copenhagen's airport. One of the nicest I've seen. And we flew home on Scandanavian Air--a new Airbus that was only two-thirds full. Had an aisle seat with two empties next to me, and a computer game/video console on each seat. Nice. I recommend them. Some day I'll actually get to see Denmark.

Now it's back to reality. Homework assignments, teaching, cleaning the house, doing laundry. Fie on't.

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damnyell said...

yay! my hear went all aflutter when I saw that tower.

maybe they let rooms in the rijks?