Monday, March 17, 2008


I'm at my friend Sluggo's house. We're watching the Super Bowl between the Giants and Patriots. There is a giant floor-to-ceiling kennel in his living room with several dogs inside. We are inside this kennel watching the game.

Strangely, I am both a television spectator of the game and its quarterback. At one point I throw a pass to the running back in the endzone and it bounces off his hands right back to me. I throw it again with the same result. Finally I simply shuffle-pass it to him for a touchdown, but none of the refs are paying attention.

Then the game is over. There is a Great Dane in the house who keeps sneaking out of the kennel and coming into the bedroom where I'm sleeping. I put him back in the kennel and move some furniture in front of the door. The Dane tries to get out by squeezing through the bars, but only gets as far as his splayed hips. It is pitiable. He keeps grabbing my hands and clothes with his teeth, trying to prevent me from going.

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fernie said...

Yeah, like some furniture in front of a kennel is going to keep a Great Dane from escaping! He'd eat through the furniture after rattling the kennel to pieces. Remember????