Thursday, March 27, 2008

keukenhof garden

keukenhof garden, originally uploaded by Blog-Sothoth.

Today was a nice leisurely day. We went to Delft and strolled around in the rain. Nice to climb a 700-year-old church tower again!

Then Yahtzee went back to Amsterdam and Cha and I toured the magnificent Keukenhof Gardens. Because of the late cold snap, many tulips hadn't quite bloomed. What were out, however, made the side trip and aching feet worthwhile.

This evening we toured the Red Light District, including the Erotic Museum. We passed a Russian bombshell whore giving a tourist grief. "Give me the photo bitch. I don't want you putting me on the Internet! Relax? You tell me relax? Fuck you. I call cops. Give me the fucking camera."

I have to leave for Schipol Airport in about four hours. Time to have some more coffee and get ready for the long flight home. Copenhagen layover for 3.5 hours, ugh.

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