Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I'm in a laboratory. We're testing a sort of noxious cake mix I suspect is full of harmful chemicals. My lab partner insists the product is safe, and we begin to argue. She carelessly sprays some water on a pan containing the cake mix and some of it splashes into my mouth. Instantly a thick expanding foam spreads down my throat and up into my nostrils. There is no possible way to inhale or exhale. Bubbles foam from my mouth and nose. My diaphragm tries to pull in air, and I can feel the tug of suction as the solid chemical mass is pulled in my airways but it doesn't dislodge. I expire on the floor of the lab, a taste like dish detergent in my mouth.

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fernie said...

You should be having these dreams after you come back from Amsterdam; not before! I'm still stuck with the knife or gun version nightmare.