Monday, July 31, 2006

What Next?

While Cook Liberry was searching for a new Director (University Librarian), the boss of Technical Services (my boss's boss) was Acting in that role. Today there was an impromptu gathering of Aunties to celebrate her now-finished tenure--the new Director starts tomorrow.

There was much tittering and muttering, and much cake and ice cream.

As I was leaving this get-together the formerly Acting Director and once again mere Director of Technical Services (Boss of my Boss) said "I don't know what the new Director is going to do about your job, Geoff. You have a wide range of skills. We'd like to keep you in some capacity."

Thanks for the heads-up. Sounds to me as if my current position is being shit-canned!


Silenus said...

Aunty Queen-Bee. All hail.

Earth Dragon said...

I could look into getting you a life sentence like mine, if you're so inclined.

Nick said...

Nice Man Ray avatar other Nick!