Friday, July 14, 2006

Nothing Changes

I worry. I turn on the tube to get 'news' about Israel in Lebanon. Is it the '80s again? Is Ariel Sharon running rampant again? I remember Reagan got fed up, and so did Bush I, with Israel. W. refuses to interfere because he thinks the actions of God's Chosen will bring us closer to the End Times. Unfortunately he may be right.

Sharon is a vegetable, and there's a new Bush in the White House who makes the old Bush look squeaky clean--no mean feat. I briefly watch three networks: Ann Coulter is on Hardball discussing Israel with Moron O'Donnell. Bebe Netanyahu is on CNN. Somehow notorious anti-Semite Pat Buchanan--on NBC's Tucker Carlson--sounds reasonable compared to the others. Lots of nutjobs and hatemongering chuckleheads sound reasonable these days, given the crew in the White House and Pentagon.

Oh yeah--this is why I stopped reading the newspapers.

Funny to hear Chuck Hagel on Larry King last night suggesting Jim Baker go to the Middle East to broker peace: does Hagel (whom occasionally I find agreeable) remember Baker saying "Fuck the Jews, they don't vote for us anyway?" Perhaps he does, but I'd think that disqualifies Baker. The other suggestion was Colin Powell, who seems more likely.


Anonymous said...

I've read recently that Bush opposed a particular action of Sharon (can't remember which), but due to lobbying efforts of AIPAC in Congress, he backed down.

One sometimes hears that Bush is "Like A Rock" (with or without the 'Only Dumber' addendum.

Brings to mind what Kubrick said to Jerry Lewis, who was despondently editing a film he had no hope for. He said "You can't polish a turd". Kube replied "You can if it's frozen!"

The deceptively firm frozen-turd stance of Bush/Cheney has no substance with the SLIGHT application of heat from AIPAC.....

geoff said...

I fear a wave of backpack bombings in Israel now (the rockets and kidnappings are terrible enough); so many of the dead if this situation worsens will be civilians.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to wade into a PC cesspool here, BUT if you ask Dogpile or Jeeves "How many 'Jews' are there in the world, the answer (from the "Jewish Virtual Library" is 14 million! (compared to USA total population of 250+ million, world population of 6.3+ BILLION.)

The Jewish Virtual Library site lists the estimated Jewish population per country (of course, any Jew is eligible for Israeli citizenship), and I would think this site is accurate!

The question this brings to my mind is, why should such a small number of people wield such an overpowering influence on USA policies (esp. considering that Israel itself consists of a significantly smaller number than 14 million)?

AIPAC etc?

I'm not anti-Israel, or anti-Semetic - I'm only questioning the slavish attitude US leaders take regarding Israel.

ptg said...

Chuck Hagel, what a diplomat! What a dip!

parnellpr said...

A few things: Yes I can confirm we have through the space time continium entered some kind of 80's time warp........well atleast particularly. Hezbollah have bombed Haifa, quelle surprise. We're sending off troop ships to get our citizens out with royal marines onboard apparently. We WOULD have been able to get them out with planes maybe had the israelis not had the bright idea of bombing the airport. Here's a good essay question i think: Why does Ann Coulther have a job?