Friday, July 14, 2006


Even Dwarfs Started Small is something else. The cast is entirely made up of 'little people,' and many animals most definitely were harmed during the filming of this motion picture.

Silenus wisely recommended the director's commentary (with Crispin Glover?). Herzog gets off plenty of crackers:

Looking into the eyes of a chicken is weird. There's such a profound stupidity.

Where else would you have such a bottomless pit right there behind the house? I threw a car into it.

You could film one taboo, but to try two and even three at once, including blasphemy, well it was too much. The animal rights people went crazy.

Now, even though he wasn't actually hurt, I knew he was in pain, and yet I still kept filming, and finally watching I saw his suffering was too much and I knew I had to stop and then I waited another minute or two and decided I had to end the film now, end the suffering.

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