Thursday, July 13, 2006

Herzog's Latest Project

But this being a Herzog film, the lyrical images are tempered by characteristic pessimism. "The film ends our illusions about intergalactic travel," Herzog says bluntly. "We will not do it. We cannot manage it. It's just too far."
From Wired


Seth Anderson said...

The funny thing is, anytime I read any quote by Herzog, I imagine him speaking it, in his Teutonic crackle. I guess because
a. I have heard so many moments of Herzog commentary on various DVDs and documentaries, and
b. I have a German in-law.

If only I could harness this power for the good of humanity....

geoff said...

My favorite Herzog monologues are those in Grizzly Man and Lessons of Darkness, where his passionately bleak worldview reigns supreme:

Don't evah lissen to these tapes. You muzt deztroy them. Promize me you'll deztroy them. It'z too horrible.

"I believe the common character of the universe is not harmony, but hostility, chaos and murder."

Seth Anderson said...

yes, Grizzly Man was especially what I was thinking of, and the commentary to Fitzcarraldo which I re-watched recently.

I haven't seen Lessons of Darkness, I'm adding it to my queue now.

geoff said...

It's short but sweet. Actually, not sweet at all. I've got Even Dwarves Started Small and Aguirre at home as I work through the catalog.

Silenus said...

oh well. at least space travel will give them something to do.