Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Imagine Klaus Kinski wrestling horses and contemptuously flinging monkeys from his decaying raft on a river in the Peruvian jungle. Then imagine Werner Herzog filming it all with a stolen camera.

How can you not see this?

The stories Herzog tells on the commentary track are, as usual, as good as the film.


Steven Hart said...

Jack Lemmon told a story about waiting on line at a hardware story and noticing that the cashier kept staring past him. After a while, he thought, "I'm not an egotist but I'm still pretty well known, so I'd like to know what's going to attract her attention when Jack Lemmon is standing on line."

So he turned around, and just behind him was Klaus Kinski, holding a big hammer.

Identify the joke from a Norse saga that's in "Aguirre," and you wil receive an invsible truckload of good karma.

geoff said...

Can it be the be-headed conquistador who continues counting past the fatal stroke? Might it be the joke about arrows, or the one about "I thought it would hurt much more than this"?

I guess, since I work in a Liberry, that I could check into Grettir's and Njal's sagas...

If I saw Kinski with a hammer I'd be alarmed too. I thought he was going to kill one of the Andean pipers, and felt dread for that baby sloth whilst Kinski caressed it.

Anonymous said...

I was astounded by the scenes in which the exploring party floated down the raging river. All I could think of was YOU CRAZIES! GET OUT OF THERE OR YOU'RE DEAD!!!

geoff said...

Herzog's commentary is hilarious: "Ya, here is a scene where we put a raft into a whirlpool. The men on that raft got quite sick because they went around in circles for hours. They were some of my best friends."

It's amazing no one was killed.

Anonymous said...

What a set of physical risks those actors took on for Herzog!! Were they in their right minds after the stress of getting to that river?

If no-one died they were extremely lucky!