Saturday, July 01, 2006

Ring of Fire

From the Travel Channel I learned that hot-food masochists in the know will ask at Thai restaurants for "Thai hot" when ordering. This prevents the waiter from saying "ok" when you ask for very spicy and giving you the standard dish with an extra sprinkle of chilis, an annoyance I encounter at every Thai or Indian joint until they get to know me.

Last night at Thai One On I asked the guy to make my drunken noodles 'Thai hot,' and he told me a cautionary tale about a pepper collector who spent two days on the john. That didn't dissuade me, and my noodles were exquisitely painful to down. I actually had the hiccoughs initially, and drained two Tsinghas and four glasses of water during dinner.

Now we're off to The Hulk's wedding. I hope I can maintain.


Seth Anderson said...

Reminds me of the Simpson's episode where Homer eats the hallucinogenic pepper (w/ Johnny Cash appropriately cast as the Voice of God/Coyote). I keep trying to have such an experience, but hasn't happened yet. With peppers anyway.

geoff said...

Ah, those peppers grown by Native Americans in a Guatemalan insane asylum are hard to come by.