Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Dead Guitarists I Admire, Part II

SRV's performance of Texas Flood at the El Mocambo, 1983

My first concert was SRV at the Towson Center when I was 16. My head blew clean off into the stratosphere. Stevie suffered major addictions (Keith Richard visited him in rehab and told him he better chill--imagine how sobering that must have been!), but got clean and was at the top of his form when Eric Clapton offered Stevie his seat on a doomed helicopter. Now he's dead.


Seth Anderson said...

One of the best concerts I saw was SrV perform, unannounced, in the second set of an Otis Rush show at the Austin TX club, Antones. I was probably 18-19 (so 87-88), and sneaked in, but didn't drink booze because I was already quite baked.

I felt bad for the waitress whose table I had monopolized, & tried to give her an oversized tip for an iced tea. She refused my clumsiness, but told me in no uncertain terms to stick around for the second set. SRV came out and participated in a thirty or forty minute jam session with Otis Rush and his band, ending in a guitar duel that Otis Rush conceded with a bow. Rush left the stage to a triumphant, grinning SRV. Awesome display of guitar talent.

geoff said...

I saw him in '85 and couldn't believe anyone was playing Hendrix with such audacity and confidence. Voodoo Chile as an encore! I was also baked, from the second-hand smoke in the Towson Center.

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