Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Vive Les Bleus!

Yes, we were denied the hoped-for France v. Germany final; imagine the competing dramas of a host country in the Cup Final facing Zidane in his last match! Not to be, however, but I don't regret the Italians v. France a bit. Italy played a magnificent match to knock the Germans out, and France beat Portugal and their petulant cry-baby Cristiane Ronaldo, whose only skill seems to be flopping around in the box like a dying fish to get fake penalty kicks.* Sunday will be an excellent rematch of the 2000 European Championship, which I watched in a pub on the West Coast of Ireland. I like both teams but will be pulling for Zidane and Les Bleus.

*By this exaggerated slur I don't intend to suggest that Portugal played poorly. They dominated much of the second half, failing by centimeters and split seconds to capitalize on a half-dozen exciting chances at goal.

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