Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Oona at the Desk asked me to identify an image someone posted on her blog--I said "I think that's Syd Barrett." "Weird," she mused. "Why would my friend send me that?"

Then I sat down and saw over at Seth's that Syd had passed away at age 60.

One of Cha's favorite songs is Effervescing Elephant, which I taped off a double LP set I have of Madcaps Laughs and Barrett when we first started dating. I think Dave Gilmour played all the instruments on those albums.

Shine on...


Seth Anderson said...

I first heard the same song, though the John Peel session version, from a 4 song EP that I used to own, but now cannot find. Basically the same song, with slightly different tempo. For a while, in the transition between vinyl and CD, these albums were out of print, and worth 50-100 bucks. Some junky neighbor probably stole them from me.

Also Gilmore had some help with the instrumentation on Barrett

Seth Anderson said...

Doh! so much for (medium term) memory. 5 song EP, and looks like the Effervescing Elephant is about 30 seconds shorter, so who fracking knows.

geoff said...

Hmmm, what possible reason could there be for memory problems over Syd B. recordings?

Last time I saw my Barrett LPs they were in the attic in a stack (I have no working turntable) along with Piper At the Gates of Dawn and In the Court of the Crimson King.