Thursday, July 13, 2006

Self-Congratulatory Bullshit

So I started this 'blog I believe in '03 (I'm not sure because I used to host my own archives back in the day. When I switched to Verizon from Earthlink I never 'migrated' those archives, and consequently they are no longer available).
Originally I wrote surreal riffs and late-night rants. Then I focused on politics for a while. Then I started the book and movie blurbs betwixt online journaling. I got some Amazon Associates traffic doing so, and added a counter and some other ads because people started to show up, other than friends and family who were of course obligated.

This week I hit a minor milestone--25,000 visitors in a bit over two years. Add to that about $800 in Amazon gift certs, a check for $18 from Netflix, a check from Google for $118, a check from Alibris for $4, and I'm beginning to think the whole project worthwhile. I never advertised this site, and have watched traffic creep up slowly over the years with pleasure. Thanks to everyone who drops by (even those simply prowling for Google images of Sabrine Maui), and a special thanks to those kind enough to blog-roll me, most of whom are far more interesting at what they do than I'll ever be.


Seth Anderson said...

am curious: did you ever get anything from your IAmShaman shoppe? I know I ordered at least one, maybe two items from your link. I'm suspicious of some of the 'referral' programs - I've never seen a dime from the LinkShare network (who does the Netflix banner, among others).

geoff said...

I have something like $12 in credit at IAmShaman--so thanks!

Linkshare sent me two checks, one for an Alibris banner I took down and one for the Netflix square. SMALL checks, but this is a small enterprise. I don't remember my login or password for them and I've changed email a couple times since I joined--oops.

I spread the wealth when I buy books and vids for the Liberry, rotating those clicks and sales around. B12Partners is in the rotation :-)

Anonymous said...

ducky boy