Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Seth recommended this, and the concept appealed so much I instantly Netflixed the DVD. Well worth watching, foot in a tub of ice, glass of pinot, etc. Caution: scenes of genital injury and general hilarity may cause spontaneous laughter. Not a good thing with a mouthful of pinot, especially if one's couch is off-white (thank Cthulu for Scotchguard). I like films (and lengthy novels) unafraid of mixing high-brow literary material and low-brow farce. Tristram Shandy does so with Pythonesque aplomb.


seth Anderson said...

Glad you liked it. Bought the book, but my stack of 'books to read' is waxing tall at the moment, so probably won't start it for a while. Not that I'm expecting the movie to at all resemble the book.

geoff said...

I've had a copy for more than 10 years but have saved it for a rainy month.

Anonymous said...

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