Friday, April 03, 2009

Spring Break

Oh, my God. I almost broke a leg chasing Kid 'n Play around my room. He smacked me with his extra credit paper, I jumped up and took off after him, he flipped a chair in front of me and I got tangled up in the metal legs and nearly killed myself, but got through it, caught him, and chucked him out the room. Nasty bruise on my right shin though--that shit hurt!

12 glorious days with no kids, no riding or plucking, no packing, snuffing, stinging, or meat checks. No more 12-year old girls taking two days off to go to The Clinic.

2nite I have a gig with Move Like Seamus at Lucy's, and hope to see you there from 8-12. If not, maybe we'll catch up after I get back from New Mexico. We leave tomorrow early. I'm out beyotches, and I'm not taking my laptop out West, so who knows when you'll hear from me again?


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