Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 77

So Yahtzee finally got rid of his circa 1983 Caldor faux wood grain bookcases and replaced them with nice custom-made built-ins. He also decided to divest himself of 3 boxes of old fantasy and sci-fi paperbacks from 20-odd years ago, and he donated them to me for the kids.

Fantasy and sci-fi are the least popular genres in the hood, so I was at a loss until yesterday when I overhead a gaggle of nerds hanging out at their lockers discussing how much they loved dragon books. Lawrence, Isha and Cedric are so cute with their huge stacks of text books and their high-water pants and their suburban geek proper English with the lisp. I rushed out to my trunk and brought in a box of all 800 volumes in the Dragonbangers of Pern series, about two dozen DragonLance books, and a variety of Shannara and Ill-Earth Chronicles and Elf shit. Like shambling fiends reaching into a bag of bennies, the three of them gobbled up about 75 titles, cramming them into lockers and backpacks, fighting over the various volume 1s of the series. Cedric was quite excited with his Michael Moorcocks.

The Big Cheese announced today that we should immediately inform her about sick kids. I called the office 3rd period because I had three kids exhibiting abdonimal and respitory symptoms; the secretary said "so?", so I sent them to the nurse, who sent them back immediately, so finally I wrote the names down and hand-delivered them to the principal and all three kids were sent home immediately.

It's really hard to get adults in the building on task.

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