Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 77

Ugh. The temp in my room topped 100 degrees. There is no water available because the pipes are full of lead and the water coolers were all empty. The kids wilt like flowers. We can't even open windows at the March because they have the kind which don't open--on all three floors! My 3rd floor room swelters, and the kids act a fool because their brain pans are boiling.

Last period is the worst. Ash takes it upon herself to start a fight. I write her up and send her packing. Then Tomcat decides to stick a maxi pad to some dolt's afro. As I am writing her up another fight erupts. I am carrying around the maxi pad for evidence and I use it to break up the fight because even though it is clean out the package it gives boys the heebies. So I've got a backlog of write-ups now, and Tomcat is making veiled threats which I ignore: "I'm going to snitch on you if you snitch on me. Don't matter if you ain't don't nothing because all I got to do is say you done something." I tune her out and call the hall monitor who takes her away. Then I call the school police to take away the boys who fought each other. Nothing is getting done in my class. I tried teaching The Giver for two days to the eighth graders, but they were having none of it: That's $200 down the tubes I spent on copies. Back to the Bluford series.


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