Saturday, April 25, 2009

Nail the Bastards

These revelations would be shocking if everyone didn't already suspect it was true. But now that there's yet another smoking gun, with more likely to come, I don't think Holder can back out of investigating multiple Bush Administration officials with an eye toward indicting them. Obama needs to come out with a statement about his reluctance to look at "the past," but then qualify it by pointing out the "deeply disturbing" nature of revelations that officials in the Bush Administration were advised early on that what they were doing was illegal. If we don't heal this wound now, it will fester and return, just as failing to heal the wounds of Watergate allowed Rumsfeld and Cheney to metastasize through the corporate body politic for a further 3 decades, leading to a raft of trouble.

I still remember Sy Hersh discussing some of the un-released photos and videos from Abu Ghraib. He talked about sodomy of young children by US troops during interrogations. I wonder if this material will come out in the next planned document dump? If so, Obama needs to get himself out in front of a huge wave of revulsion and outrage, and prepare to put some Bushies behind bars.

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