Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Mexico

descent, originally uploaded by Blog-Sothoth.

I had a feeling I'd enjoy New Mexico, but had no idea it would strike me as one of the most diverse and engaging landscapes I've visited. Georgia O'Keefe wrote that "if ever you visit New Mexico, it will itch you for the rest of your life." I concur.

We crammed a lot of stuff into six paltry days; I put 1600 miles on our little rented Mazda 3. We went from Albuquerque to Acoma to Carlsbad to Roswell to Santa Fe to Chamayo to Bandelier to Ojo Caliente to Taos to Chaco Canyon. More details later, but now I have a house to clean and Easter family obligatories to attend! Click on my Flickr badge if you want to see a few more pics.

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Swanksalot said...

haven't been to New Mexico in, like, 15 years (7 day camping trip), but I still have that itch you mention. So much of interest there in the hills and ruins.