Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 78

WW2 is a goofball. I actually like the kid because he's smart and funny and he can dance really well. But he's also insulting and disruptive and turns my classroom into a Buster Keaton comedy every day. But I give as good as I get--he finally cut his hair off after I "packed" it too many times by making subtle references to mop commercials and Chia pets. He wearies me; I have a hard enough time trying to keep clowns who aren't in my class from coming in and disrupting things without dealing with WW2, who's always got his hands in my desk drawer, and who, whenever I open my cabinet to get supplies, manages to sneak up behind me and steal cookies or mints.

Today he snatched a paper I was checking out of my hand from across the table where I was helping a student. Then he proceded to taunt me by pretending to give it back twice and pulling it away. I lost it in a way I haven't in years, and the next thing I knew I had WW2's hoody wrapped in my left hand and he was on his back on the table and I had my right fist clenched over his face. I must have grabbed him by the clothes and lifted him over the table toward me without thinking. Students were up and cheering and saying "Godfrey gonna beat his ass" when I realized where I was and what I was doing. I lowered my fist to his face and gave him a couple little love pats on the cheek and then helped him to his feet. And ten minutes later he was trying to steal cookies and mints again. I found this incident very disturbing.

I really have lost my pizzazz. I've got another cold and I can't yell, so teaching is out because you have to be loud to be heard. I'm also tired from this cold, which has hit me harder than the other 89 this year, so I don't give a fuck about anything except getting through the day. I'm grouchy and on edge, and feel drained when I wake up in the morning.

Topping things off was the appearance at the March of a complete lunatic from my 2nd period class at the Book earlier this year. He got "put out" over there and I hope to God they don't put his crazy ass in my already nuts 6th-grade class.

We're going to Famous Yakatori 1 with Julio and Yo! Adrienee 2nite. Perhaps a chili-infused tofu hot pot will cure what ails me?


Casey said...

Hang in there, Teach.

alicia said...

you're only human. And it sucks being sick.

Heather said...

Do they have anything vegan at Famous Yakitori One? I really want to go there but won't bother if there's nothing for Chris.

I cannot believe how many illnesses you've had these past two years. It is so unfair!

Nyarlathotep said...

I've been sick at least half this year, but it's better than last year so far: I've never needed antibiotics. I've cycled through all the colds, sinus infections, and sore throats without progressing to bronchitis!

I don't think Yakatori has vegan options--if they do I missed them on the menu. They do have vegie skewers but I doubt they cook them on a separate meatless grill. I'll check though next time I go.